Sri Lanka is an island with a total area of 65,610 km². It is comprising of 64,740 km² of land and 870 km² of water area together with 1,700 km long coastline. Sri Lanka has a wide range of topographic features. There are three zones distinguishable by elevation: the Central Highlands, the plains, and the coastal belt.

    The rivers are a rise in the central highlands and flow in a radial pattern toward the sea. The river courses are frequently broken by discontinuities in the terrain at the highlands. They are encountering escarpments, numerous waterfalls and rapids have eroded a passage.

    Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with year-round warm weather. Temperature is around 30°C at the plains and the coastal belt. At the central highlands, the temperature drops down to 16°C.

    All these factors favours Sri Lanka to become the destination for the adventure enthusiasts. Adventure activities in the land, water, and air would be possible in Sri Lanka.

    Land Sports:
    Trekking and Hiking, Rock climbing, Cycling and Mountain biking , Caving etc.

    Air sports:
    Paragliding, Hot air ballooning

    Water sports:
    White water rafting, Scuba diving and Snorkelling, Canoeing and Kayaking, Surfing, Windsurfing, and Kite surfing, Deep sea fishing and Sailing.